Rise of the Last Intern | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 4, 2022

Rise of the Last Intern

By Tim Dagott with 6.8

fantasy · Short Films · german

A young intern has arrived at a new facility. As she is given a brief tour, being informed of her tasks, a wonderful world of all kinds of paraphernalia is invoked for both the protagonist as well as the viewer. In the process, however, she is informed to stay away from a specific object, an instruction she would of course go ahead to disobey.

The rule gets broken, an inter-dimensional portal opens up and a realm of smooth special effects is then invoked for the viewer. Along with action and fantasy, and being a special treat for Star Wars fans, the narrative also attempts to rope in drama and humor to further share its plot.

The final result becomes a fun and sweet story about lightsabers and stakes that remain staggeringly high throughout, all along attempting to entertain and engage the viewer. At its close, the many elements are tied together with a sense of hope and uplifting warmth that the film intends to eventually leave the audience with.
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