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Submit your Short Film

You have worked tirelessly on your short film, and it is finally complete. Share it with the world on Shorted, and receive the recognition it deserves. Fill the form above to submit your short film. You can submit Youtube, Vimeo or Google Drive links.



All the short films that are selected get reviewed by the team. It usually takes 8-10 days for the review process.The short film is evaluated on the key aspects like story, screenplay, production and performances.


Short Film Nominee

All the short films that are selected get reviewed and featured on the website in the nominees section. Please note only films that secure a minimum score of 6 will be awarded a certificate.


Short Film of the Day

All the nominees with public links are placed on a queue to appear as 'Short Film of the Day'. SOTD is awarded based on the ratings given by the team. Your film competes with other films added around the same time. It usually takes 12-15 days for a nominee to show/or not show up as 'Short Film of the Day'.


Short Film of the Month

Based on the combined score of our team's rating and user votes (in case of public links) or only the rating (in case of private links), the highest-scoring film will be awarded 'Short Film of the Month' (SOTM).. All submissions made between the first and the last day of the month are eligible for the award for that respective cycle. The result will be announced by the 15th of the following month.

User Profile

Users will also have the opportunity to create their personal Shorted profile that will be linked to all their submissions on Shorted as well as showcase more information about their work.