Once There Was a Girl | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 6, 2021

Once There Was a Girl

By Deb Ethier with 6.3

fantasy · Short Films · english

The brief narrative of the film traverses a world of fantasy and magic. It takes us into a little girl's reveries as she preoccupies herself with her toys. Through the images that come to be conjured on screen before you, surreal ideas of childhood and daydream are further engaged with, ensuring that beyond a child's story of wonder, there is also a sense of dreamy nostalgia awaiting the adult viewer.

As our young protagonist moves from one fantastical scene to another, progressing upon her adventure, the audience is allowed to participate in her journey. A fairy tale of a dark evening is brought to life in the process, further allowing you a moment of a fantastical escape, much like the little girl.

The film eventually becomes a sincere endeavor to weave together notions of memory, images of childhood and the residue of dreams that is left behind. The animation follows a sombre palette to further drive its message home, leaving you with a simple, direct story of an evening of adventure and dreams.
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