Nosis | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day July 9, 2024


By Vincenz Neuhaus with 7.5

fantasy · Short Films · english

Drawing inspiration from a famous children's character we all know, a boy with an exceptionally long nose, the short film delves into a metaphysical exploration of existence and being. The animation exhibits impeccable skill and the manner in which it utilises different kinds of animation - from roughly drawn sketches to the use of light and colours splashed across the screen to a swift movement of images from one frame to another - ensures that it is no less than a true visual treat.

This is further coupled with an equally surreal, albeit brief, usage of a background score. In case all of this was not sufficient to end the list of embellishments working most beautifully for Nosis, there is the thought behind each visual, both disconcerting and poetic at the same time. The narrative does a marvellous job of tying it all together and presenting it to the viewer as a complete product.

The story in itself is of a boy who may have learnt to make peace with his unusual nose, but he is yet to find out the power it holds within. Once he unearths this truth, and the abilities he has found himself in possession of, his existence transcends all mortal realms of understanding and experience, and thus begins a long journey of acquiring knowledge. However, at the end of it all lies a dark reality, one of a being having interacted with a reservoir of knowledge that was perhaps not intended for someone in the mortal world. When all of it has unfolded, where will the protagonist find himself located in this unfathomable scheme of things?
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