Dreams of the Last Butterflies | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 15, 2021

Dreams of the Last Butterflies

By Zina Brown with 6.6

fantasy · Short Films · english

The film, marked by its vibrant visuals, takes flight into fantasy, but to talk of a concern that is very deeply rooted in our real world. A story which straddles both realms in such a manner is indeed worthy of conversation and dialogue.

When it opens, the narrative draws you to a fantastical space where butterflies are dying one by one. As humans continue to expand their control over the world, the butterfly population is left to only the last few queens who have gathered to find a solution to protect themselves from extinction. It is precisely at this juncture when fantasy overlaps with reality to bring to life a very relevant issue of contemporary times, a cause of deep concern globally, and specifically in the western world — the dangerously low population of butterflies.

To convey its intentions and bring to life all its underpinnings, the film also embellishes itself with skilled movement of its performers, attention to costume and makeup, and music and poetry. The climax and the eventual conclusion further highlights its core message, the eventual goal towards which the plot was moving all along, reminding you of your role amidst this narrative of magic and song.
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