A Fable for Four Voices | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 30, 2022

A Fable for Four Voices

By Deb Ethier with 6.5

fantasy · Short Films · english

There is a calmness to the film's tenor that works beautifully in its favor. The story is presented in the form of a fable, with an intrinsic fairytale-like quality, one that invokes four primary ideas - loyalty, fortitude, vigilance and resilience.

The same are represented by four animals, their individual tribulations that eventually lead them to a path of companionship and finally, peace. A donkey, rooster, dog and fox are all running away from potential dangers in their path as they run into each other. Once having found one another, they follow a sunset, which serves as a lovely metaphor for the eventual sunset of their lives as well as one towards which each of us is headed.

The colors, animation and the seamless voiceover, a notable strength of the film, lend an unmissable charm to the overall result, while also allowing it to maintain its approach, tonality and aesthetic throughout.
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