Youth | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 21, 2022


By Trey Riley with 7

drama · Short Films

‘Youth’ is a lovely conversation with the sharpness of pain we specifically associate with our firsts, or the years that would eventually go ahead to serve the foundation of adulthood. It is an interaction with a fresh heart that is perhaps yet to see its share of tragedies. All of this is mapped against the intimacy of friendship, and consequently, the soul crushing realization that comes with its deprivation.

As we are taken into a single afternoon when two girls say their goodbyes, the circumstance comes to be defined by anger, denial and helplessness. Additionally, locating itself in the late nineties, there is further a texture added to the narratorial development, while also emphasizing a time before the internet and social media have made their inevitable appearance on the horizon of urban lives.

Sarah and Jessica share an endearing friendship, one that faces a crucial crossroads. The film does a sophisticated job of allowing the viewer to witness this moment, along with all the poignancy that it entails.
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