Yard $ale | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 2, 2022

Yard $ale

By John Sexton with 6.4

drama · Short Films · english

The story of ‘Yard Sale’ is of one afternoon when a man is selling off some old items after the passing of his mother. From crock pots to tuxedos to musical instruments and statues of Indian goddesses, there is all kinds of paraphernalia in this sale. While these items may have once constituted the life of a family, now each of them finds a new significance for different customers.

The film weaves them all together to portray the innumerable ways an object can interact with memory and experience. The same is communicated sometimes through music, song, and dance, and sometimes simply in the form of a verbal exchange between two people.

The narrative, though showing the want of a little cohesiveness, is a sweet endeavor in storytelling, and should be appreciated thus. There is further the intention to look at the role of memory and the manner in which it comes to be deeply embedded and entwined with emotions, as well as relationships that define us.
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