Writer's Block | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 30, 2022

Writer's Block

By Daniel Hamby with 7

dark comedy · Short Films

An aspiring screenwriter, Will Wright, is struggling to write his first feature. In the same pursuit, he seeks out a remote cabin that belongs to his grandmother, hoping that ideas would come to him in the quiet.

Much to his dismay, however, instead of finding inspiration, he runs into a very unlikely stranger. The latter may have rubbed Will the wrong way at the start, but he soon realizes that the stranger might hold the key to the plot and story he has been seeking all along.

What follows next is the most bizarre set of developments, but those that sit very well within the universe of the film. The narrative maintains consistency when it comes to the treatment and execution of the plot and story, punctuating itself with humor, thrill, unexpected violence and shock, all in equal measure. The conclusion eventually ties the various elements together to present us with a story that is both thrilling and humorous in equal measure.
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