Withdrawals | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 15, 2021


By Jorja Hudson with 6.7

comedy · Short Films

Four women, dressed in all their finery, wait in a queue to attend the comeback concert of their favorite childhood icon. However, contrary to the celebratory atmosphere established so far, a very dark development lurks within the narrative - the sudden passing of the said icon as a result of overdosing. Shocked and traumatized in the wake of the accident, the four friends somehow stumble across the decision of ditching their own antidepressants cold turkey soon after.

As one can expect, the consequences cover an entire spectrum of emotions, reactions and uncomfortable situations, delicately put, for those who happen to cross their paths. By employing all of these events, the narrative does a notable job of tying an issue like mental health with humor in a skilled manner. This, in turn, allows the film to accentuate the significance of its message further.

While the friendship and the relationships of the four characters find a fitting, endearing portrayal in the story, Withdrawals straddles serious concerns with lighthearted banter and situations that are entertaining and amusing, even if at the cost of its characters. Notwithstanding a few rough edges, the storytelling exhibits a unique personality, and potential, leaving one with the promise of more such projects by the team.
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