Windblown | Short Film Nominee

Short Film of the Day October 26, 2020


By Usher Morgan with 6.9

thriller · Short Films

Death, and the consequent pain, are two inevitable truths of the human condition, and yet, when faced with them, we find ourselves most ill-equipped to comprehend them. The short film is an interaction with the same premise, taking the viewer into the phenomenon and process of grieving, and the several ways in which it can affect a person.

Once the mind chooses to take over and employ its means, is there a way possible to pull oneself back from the brink of - complete disintegration? The resurrection of a parallel reality? Hallucinations or imagining things that don't exist, even if they put one in mortal peril? The narrative raises all of these questions and offers an adequate representation of the age-old mind-over-matter proposition.

In the aftermath of her brother's demise, Beth finds herself seeking the isolation and quiet of a family cottage, away from her mother and other people. However, it is in the silence of this solitude which could have perhaps been therapeutic for the protagonist, the most unusual occurrences take place. From seeing her brother Billy before her, to finding herself at the edge of a pier, about to hop on to a boat that doesn't exist, strange events take place to suggest the manner in which reality is unraveling for her. When faced with endless darkness and forces far mightier than her, both within and without, what will Beth choose that will come to determine the course of the rest of her life?
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