Where's Toby? | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day December 24, 2022

Where's Toby?

By Naveen Sagar with 6.8

thriller · Short Films · english

A core motivation of the film remains its interaction with the fierce love of a mother for her son. However, the approach to explore this is far from what one might expect, allowing the unpredictability to work in its favor notably.

Maya is under immense debt, is unable to stay away from alcohol, and on top of it all, now faces an imminent future where her son might be taken away from her. The question on which the narrative thus begins to pivot becomes how far is a woman willing to go to not allow this to happen?

The plot operates within a controlled space, keeping the film's approach and utilization of resources limited and lean to bring its intentions to life, and some more. Also backed by strong performances, it presents a story that is engaging, shocking, and at the end of it, taken home in a deliberately disturbing manner.
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