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Short Film of the Day November 18, 2021


By Markus Meedt with 6.9

horror · Short Films · english

The scene is of a dinner party, a space defined by effervescence and warmth, but also one which is not entirely devoid of complex undercurrents only waiting to make their presence felt in a more pronounced manner. Soon the host, in an attempt to keep the energy of the group high, suggests the game of Werewolf.

The film does a notable job of using the same physical space to invoke emotions of horror as well as humor as the plot develops. Additionally, smooth handheld shots enable it to portray a pivotal sense of intimacy that serves to involve us deeper in the fate of the characters, along with bringing out the personality of each of them. Consequently, the right beats are conjured, ensuring an accurateness of rhythm, edit and flow of the conversation.

There is further a comment to be made about the tension and stressors that often constitute a group dynamics finding an echo in the 'lynching' and 'killings' conducted within the game itself. On the whole, the final result of Werewolf presents an entertaining, engrossing product that will stay with you long after you are done watching it.
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The challenge of the film was that it was mainly focused on a group of friends sitting around a table for twelve minutes. We had to think of visual ways to keep the energy high and symbolize the power dynamic of our characters without them moving around the space too much. We broke the film down in visual "chapters" that slowly crescendo from static wide shots with a somewhat flat lighting (aka: look how boring game night can be) to manic handheld shots with rapid light changes (aka: everyone lost their mind). 

Fortunately, our cast already knew each other quite well and was able to add improv to rally each other up and play off each other, so there is never a quiet moment between them. This fast-paced dynamic gave us a chance to capture some genuine reactions from the actors that helped to hammer home our punchlines or highlight the ridiculousness of our scenario. 
Markus MeedtDirector, Werewolf