Wait For the Dog | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day December 31, 2021

Wait For the Dog

By Ian Rowe with 7.3

dark comedy · Short Films

The short narrative, equipped with a unique voice, deeply engaging and unsettling at the same time, takes us into Quincy’s world and his harmless, but strangely dedicated eavesdropping on his elderly neighbor.

Along with these events, there is also something deeply absurd that forms the hinterland of the film’s landscape - the unexplained and spontaneous combustion of people. Quincy’s world is hurled into chaos when his neighbor meets the same fate, leaving behind her dog, Matt.

As a conversation is attempted on grieving, battling the inhibiting voices within, reconciling the arbitrariness of life and somehow making sense of a world that seems to be falling apart, the narrative forms an organic whole, presenting itself to the viewer to further interact with. Amidst it all, there is a generous smattering of comments on a culture that is consumed by consumerism, it’s distorted ideas of beauty, fitness and outward appearances, often taking the form of completely ridiculous suggestions from different parts of the world. The aforementioned ideas are allowed development with the employment of sophisticated camerawork and surrealist storytelling, ensuring that the film succeeds in making a lasting impression on the viewer.
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