Viral  | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month January 2024


By Al Chang with 7.1

thriller · Short Films · english

Equipped with snacks, a ring light, and emotional undercurrents impossible to shake off, four girls record a video. However, there is a far more sinister entity uncurling its limbs behind the scenes of this inane activity.

The film establishes a component of violence and thrill alongside the aforementioned reality. An interaction with all of these elements also allows a glimpse at a society where the preoccupation with internet fame is rampant, and where many young people see its achievement as an end to the mundaneness of their own life. In a bid to go viral, and therefore get a chance to leave their dull school life behind, the young women record their video, completely unaware of the threat of violence that looms right above their heads.

The movement from the establishment of the premise to the conflict, crisis, and climax arrives swiftly, without wasting any beats. The screenplay and performances facilitate this progression. The entirety of the plot unfolds within a limited physical space, keeping itself deliberately and efficiently lean. The short in its current form can serve as an ideal concept for a feature, building on the shock value it conjures at its conclusion, once again, pronouncing the contemporary world’s obsession with virtual fame, and the extent to which young people are willing to go for it.
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