Uproot | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 8, 2020


By Tim Wilkime with 7.5

drama · Short Films

The story of Uproot is of loss, tragedy, financial trouble, growth and above all, family. Delving into the many nuances and complexities that come to constitute a familial structure, the film packs a complete product in its short duration. It achieves it all by way of a single conversation one afternoon between a woman and her brother.

The performances are undisputedly one of the strongest aspects of the film. This is in close competition with the visuals which make wonderful use of light, shadows and a limited physical space of primarily a single room. The camera stays static as the woman moves in and out of the room, trying to take stock of the damage done to the house, and in turn, to her brother's emotional health and life in general.

On the face of it, the narrative is simple - it's one sibling trying to convince another to move on, to not let grief pull themselves in too deep. However, look closer, and there is more - there is regret, a fallen plant with a broken pot as a beautiful metaphor, but also careful hands, gingerly putting it back together. There is anger, but also a desire to grow, and above all, there is love and a sense of hope.
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