Tribe: The Making of Vice Cops | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 22, 2021

Tribe: The Making of Vice Cops

By Thomas Burke with 6.4

comedy · Short Films · english

Two men oscillate between different activities; while one of them busies himself with his feeble and unsuccessful attempts at writing, the other is preoccupied with watching films and lighting up different smoking-related paraphernalia.

Within its short duration, the film attempts to pack a complete punch that includes elements of the buddy film, comedy and action. The endeavor to achieve all of this is thus presented in the form of the final product to the viewer, almost attempting a narrative located inside a narrative, using the grammar of the film itself to show how another film is made by our two characters.

It is at this juncture that comedy is overpowered by action. The treatment and approach of the narrative exhibits a freshness of thought. However, the subsequent result could have gained from a more organic pace, allowing the development of events before you more coherence, aiding the viewer's comprehension. On the whole, however, the film remains a fun ride to venture on, as our characters progress from one misadventure to another.
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