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Short Film of the Day March 24, 2022


By Olivia Gropp with 6.9

crime · Short Films

The night is far from young when a woman, complete with fishnets and asymmetrical jewelry, makes her way into a record store. The decade is the 90s, the hour late, and the store quiet, save for the absolute chaos that is about to go down in the wake of what could have been a mundane exchange.

We meet only three characters, Dean, and a girl and a boy in this store. Brimming with nostalgic relics of an age gone by, deliberately conjured with strong control to locate the viewer within the same temporal space as the characters, the narrative handles the many complexities adroitly.

It is precisely this control which ensures that the plot remains marked by crispness, not wasting its breath on hackneyed sentimentalism, and ensuring all of its punches land. Amidst it all, however, a series of very violent events, albeit regularly punctuated by humor, await the characters. Tying it all together with the right sprinkle of punk and angst that defined the age, the short film presents to you its own little world.
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