Tiptoe | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 13, 2020


By Esen Arikan with 6.2

drama · Short Films

Mental health and issues related to anxiety in school students often either goes unnoticed or gets misinterpreted by parents of the children who struggle with them. The short film is an attempt to draw attention to the same concern through the story of Noah, a girl who experiences a blackout at school, and in the process, misses her final examination.

The plot also engages with how a mother feels she has inadequate tools to deal with the struggles of her daughter, and therefore seeks out her other daughter's help for the same. It further represents the pressure Noah puts on herself, as well as the importance of allowing a person's creativity and individuality to allow them a space of comfort and ease. The film is well-intentioned, but would have benefited from a more balanced and nuanced conclusion.
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