The Purgamentum | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 27, 2023

The Purgamentum

By Julie Bruns with 6.8

horror · Short Films · english

A marine biologist works into the night when unexplained noises from under the water's surface halt her work. As another expert steps in to unravel the mystery of the sounds, while also alluding to the menace of plastics and their onslaught on the environment, the most shocking reality unfolds.

The film presents a swift introduction of not only the strange circumstance at hand but also a glimpse into Amy, the protagonist’s world. There is loss, and perhaps past trauma, coupled with a fierce sense of protecting the memory of a partner that has been left behind in its wake - components all of which rope in deep unease into the story.

Without truly offering the cause and effect, and what has led Amy to this moment, a sinister situation is portrayed for the viewer. The film does an efficient job of not only using the limited aspects of a story but also a confined physical space to bring all of this to life in its brevity. Additionally, it leaves the door open for a longer exploration of the moment the film presents.
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