The Mobking 2.0 | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 9, 2020

The Mobking 2.0

By Jorge Jokes Yanes with 6.6

crime · Short Films · english

When a mobster returns home after completing a long prison sentence, he is met by several alien elements in his own home. Despite a warm, affectionate welcome from a loving wife, the aloofness of his teenaged daughter is palpable. Additionally, the film makes the effort of bringing in small touches to suggest how tightly a life of incarceration can grasp a person's reality - as exhibited in the rush of consuming his meal by the protagonist. It is only a soft reminder by his wife that allows him to slow down. This is one of the several examples in which it allows the viewer a glimpse of his unease at being inducted into a world that exists beyond prison walls.

Parallel to this nervousness is another plot, unfolding to lead to grave consequences - the substance abuse and addiction of his daughter which is about to culminate into severe withdrawal. Add to this one more layer to weave a more complex narrative - the presence of an intruder who, armed with a gun, moves stealthily through the house looking for his prey.

All three of these plot lines are tied together to form an entire whole, also leaving the viewer wanting for more at its uncertain conclusion, and with a hankering to be involved further in the lives of the characters.
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