The Mages of Rage | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day February 9, 2024

The Mages of Rage

By Jason Sheedy with 7.2

horror · Short Films · english

Johnny, Kevin, and Ripper have driven into the middle of nowhere to shoot a video for their punk rock band. As they await the cameraperson and their team of hired background actors in a house of nondescript location and origins, the viewer is given a glimpse into the dynamics of their friendship, all along packed with humor, and fitting music.

The rehearsal begins with the sound just right, the music on point, and energies high... alongside the complete absence of the realization that the trio has walked into the lair of a bloodthirsty supernatural entity - an extremely creatively violent mime. There is not a moment to waste as the film weaves itself seamlessly thereafter. The slasher component of the narrative shines through with smooth special effects, and an equally invested screenplay, and writing.

Our maniacal villain is never short of terribly horrifying, and disturbingly original ways of killing each of his victims, while the surviving bandmates scamper from one corner of the house to another in a seemingly failing bid to survive. The film soon culminates into a face-off of supernatural proportions (quite literally). The neat tying of ends follows, after not only having kept the viewer entertained all along, but also presenting a gradual trajectory of the very friendship of the three characters next to violence, blood splatter, and of course, the union of horror and humor.
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