The Last Chance | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 5, 2021

The Last Chance

By Ursula Manvatkar with 6.4

horror · Short Films · hindi

Four friends are about to meet for a night of camping. Though the initial plan was to watch the sunset, suggests the film, it got delayed into the darkness of the night because of one of them. Soon, they are all portrayed as being associated with one specific trait or characteristic each which stands out the most, overpowering all other aspects of their life or personality.

One of the men is shown to be a glutton, the other struggling with a clingy girlfriend towards who, in turn, he has become distant. The third friend is portrayed as being insensitive and dismissive, marked by a lack of respect for others. The fourth friend, who seems to be the most level-headed of them all, is shown to lose his calm and make a personal attack when he has had too much of his friend's callous behaviour. In a nut-shell, these are the four personalities that are put together for a trip in a remote place that seems to be very far from any and all civilisation.

The first sense of foreboding in the story is marked by a little tea-shop they stop at where they are warned by the owner to not venture any further. Next, they stumble across a frenzied man who seems to be running away from something, while being mortally injured. However, despite all of these imminent threats of danger, they continue to go ahead with their plan. As the various demonic developments begin to occur, the film exhibits a dedicated desire to invoke horror and tell its story. Though better control on light and shadows would have benefited it, along with smoother dubbing, it still comes across as a zealous endeavour to share a narrative of a night gone terribly awry.
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