The Fallen Elves | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 2, 2022

The Fallen Elves

By Kenneth Perkins with 6.5

horror · Short Films

‘The Fallen Elves’ is an interesting take on narratives around Christmas, and the general festive cheer they entail. Presenting to you only a smattering of this cheer, the film is predominated by horror and darkness instead. It weaves the story of a Christmas eve at the cusp of the new century in 1999 when a mother sits down to tell a story to her two children. As she opens a leather-bound book that has been passed down through generations in the family, the viewer realizes that the story won’t be what one might have expected from this supposed scene of domesticity.

Something sinister is slowly coming into existence, the viewer is made to realize, and matters soon come to a head. We now experience the narrative through the eyes of one of the two sons. There is further the attempt to employ animation coupled with a voiceover to embellish the story. The narratorial progression continues its forward movement, and when Christmas morning arrives, it brings with it some terrible, blood-soaked developments.
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