The Deal | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 20, 2022

The Deal

By Jeremy Carr with 6.7

comedy · Short Films

Janet is a sincere professional, working diligently from a quiet corner of her home-office. However, the universe has some cruel tricks up its sleeve in the form of unannounced pets that accompany unreliable owners, and her husband’s dirty laundry (quite literally) that never seems to end. The narrative employs humor and drama to take us deeper into the plight of the protagonist.

Despite trying her best to set boundaries, Janet finds herself at the shorter end of the stick regarding her work. However, is there a diamond in the rut that might turn around this hapless situation into a blessing?

There is a consistency to storytelling in ‘The Deal’, one that perseveres throughout. The conclusion allows it to tie the loose ends together, taking the story home, all the while having entertained and involved the viewer. The film is marked by its lightness and breeziness, and should be approached thus.
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