The Bat and the Matt | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day August 23, 2020

The Bat and the Matt

By Stefan Janoski with 6.8

comedy · Short Films · english

The short film becomes the most unexpectedly hilarious development of events as the protagonist, called Matt, chooses to go out for a walk. This seemingly mundane activity turns out to be life-altering when a bat bites him. However, consider yourself mistaken if you think this is the end of Matt's troubles who bites the bat back! Using its mouthful repetition of words and the names of the two characters of the narrative - Matt and the Bat, the film weaves a fun and entertaining plot.

As both characters find themselves transforming in a manner that makes them suitable and appropriate for a different existence - Matt sleeps upside down in his apartment, while the Bat no longer enjoys daytime naps, and rents a room - they decide to finally meet for a conversation at a bar. This meeting serves to reveal to both the viewer as well as our characters how they should proceed further in life.

The film uses animation to share its story with the audience, and perhaps, even make a comment about acceptance and finally finding where one truly feels at home. Simply because Matt has been located in human society and the Bat in a cave with his chiropteran brethren, is that where they really belong now, after their little encounter?
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