Spectrophobia | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day September 9, 2020


By RJ Collins with 6.8

horror · Short Films

Have you ever been creeped out by your reflection in a mirror or some shadows bouncing off a reflecting surface? If your answer is yes, you're definitely in for an interesting, and perhaps disturbing ride with Spectrophobia, borrowing its name from the irrational fear of mirrors and what the reflection can potentially stand for or signify. It can exist in varying degrees in people, and the film endeavours to play on the same, be it a subtle unease or extreme fear.

In the case of the protagonist, and by the film's own acceptance (read: Vimeo description), the story premises itself on the tricks her mind is playing on her while she is quarantined amidst the coronavirus pandemic. As she flees from one reflecting surface to another, will she finally be able to get rid of what she sees when she looks in the mirror?

The film is short and crisp, wasting no time in taking the viewer straight into the center of chaos. The camerawork as well as the smooth edit further complement the atmosphere of thrill, agitation and fear the narrative wants to conjure, allowing it to be an engaging and entertaining watch.
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