sometimes, i think about dying | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 2, 2024

sometimes, i think about dying

By Stefanie Abel Horowitz with 7.4

romance · Short Films · english

The film turns out to be the most comforting, warmth-inducing balm for a cold, scared heart. As Fran goes about life, unable to make the desire to die and end her life go away, she also finds herself taking fancy to a colleague. When she finds Robert reciprocate the attraction, their story develops in the most calm manner, exploiting its economy of dialogues to the fullest.

Both Sarbh and Wright-Mead bring a softness to the screen that is not easy to come by. In a sense the story indeed is a romance, but it's also so much more. It is a story about isolation and what can be potentially seen as melancholia and suicidal tendencies. It is about the nervousness and the fuzzies of a first date, as much as its about the awkwardness of new lovers and a failure to communicate affection despite all desire to do so.

Consequently, with its gentle handling of the subject, marked more by silences than any noise that could mar its simple yet loud and clear style, the film becomes a beautifully crafted, sincerely executed piece of art that brings to the screen an evocative sense of endearment and tenderness.
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