Sojourn | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 10, 2023


By Nesib Cb Shamah with 7.1

thriller · Short Films · english

‘Sojourn’ presents a very relevant story, and shares it in an interesting, unexpected manner. As an investigation unfolds between Athena and Detective Sanger, we realize this is an exchange of equal adversaries.

While one side may have come dangerously close to overpowering the other, soon the scales tip out of balance, and the narrative ropes in a notable employment of sci-fi thrill. A past defined by a grotesque coupling of kindness and violence, of compassion and cruelty is brought to life, one that forms the backbone of the film.

The end result is not only engaging, but also furthers a crucial conversation in an impactful manner. It definitely leaves the door open for a longer project that dives deeper and longer in the world of the characters presented thus.
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