Single - Meat Cutes | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 1, 2024

Single - Meat Cutes

By Steph Jowett with 7.3

comedy · Short Films · english

Luke, Tilly, and Bridie are headed out for a night of romance and intimacy. In this experimental and surreal dreamscape, there truly are no limits to everything they are about to experience, everything except perhaps the very thing they have set out to achieve - romance.

The narrative introduces us to their misadventures in the most exorbitantly creative manner. A realm where unbridled creativity reigns free is conjured. The animation is not only seamless and expertly handled, but also unabashed and fearless. However, the world is without restraint only seemingly for it is very closely tempered with thought and control, ensuring that each image or the metaphor it carries, or even the lack of it, works wonderfully within this surrealistic, madly colorful space.

As for our three characters, their encounters turn into the most unexpected circumstances one after the other. The viewer’s journey with them, down the path of the promise of love, would be equally adventurous and involving.
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