Silence 1b | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 13, 2022

Silence 1b

By Rollo Hollins with 7

experimental · Short Films · english

'Silence 1b' is a poignant romance with grief, loss and the trauma that gets left behind in its wake. The real triumph of the film lies in the manner in which it approaches its thematic concern, weaving together visual and audio metaphors and symbols.

Concisely put, it is the story of a woman mourning the loss of her partner, one she was yet to know enough to be able to put their relationship in a normative structure or category. However, the sharpness of grief knows no such rules and spares none in its forever advancing motion. The inability to reconcile the self with the ensuing pain, especially in the absence of a vocabulary to articulate it, becomes the emotional guiding force of the plot.

All of this is explored and condensed within a few minutes of the narrative, maintaining brevity throughout. The experimental treatment remains a notable strength of the film, while staying consistently faithful to the overall style and aesthetic, making the viewer feel the true force of the emotions being invoked before them.
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