Shewolf | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 8, 2021


By Anuj Choudhry with 6.3

documentary · Short Films · english

The docu-fiction takes us into the lives of Kavya and Shifu, a girl and her pet dog in a locked-down, quiet corner of India. The narrative progresses to reveal the manner in which the genetic identity of the latter becomes a primary concern. Activities of daily life are portrayed to enable the viewer to participate in the story further. Shifu remains a constant companion to Kavya throughout as she moves from one task to another.

The aim of Shewolf is to raise pivotal points about wildlife conservation, in general, and about several endangered species that are often left out of the conversation, as is the case with wolves, in particular. Additionally, it is the narrative's desire to assert a celebratory tone regarding the female energy that comes to dominate the equation unfolding before you, as well as all existence within which it operates.

The young protagonist of the story is cheery, effervescent and a joy to watch. However, because the film is shot on a smartphone, it perhaps stands to gain from a little more fine-tuning in the department of sound and the stability of visuals. Notwithstanding, the final result remains warmth-inducing and well-intentioned.
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