Refracted | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month November 2021


By Versus with 7.3

music video · Short Films

It is at the intersection of emotional lines and the literal geometry of physical architecture that Refracted is born. Gordi (Sophie Payten)'s haunting vocals are coupled with symmetrical structures that allow their intimacy, marked by a disconcerting beauty, to find visual representation. Lights and shadows are employed to suggest different levels of intensity, along with a whole spectrum of several emotions that find an echo in the lyrics.

The music is equipped with an elemental incandescence that ensures that the final product works on multiple levels. Combining two of Gordi's creations - Extraordinary Life and Volcanic, as they are performed within the walls of the Phoenix Central Park in Sydney, Australia, the music video acquires a separate existence of its own. Its seamless, sophisticated visuals become the protagonist in themselves, alongside Gordi's spectral presence on screen.

Additionally, both the performer and the performance, only serve to complement and enhance one another, never upstaging or overpowering. On the whole, the final result comes to be marked by a powerful otherworldly quality that further ties together the various elements in an elegant, notable and skilled manner.
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