Rat Tail | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month May 2022

Rat Tail

By Chad Sogas with 7.4

documentary · Short Films

On the face of it, 'Rat Tail' is an intimate, brave, beautiful account of a person’s relationship with his hair. And yet, as the film evolves and progresses, and before the viewer can realize it, it takes us into a far darker world, eventually tying it all together with an uplifting, heartwarming message. If you have begun to wonder how could all of it be considered an organic, comprehensive or even an entertaining creative endeavor, read on.

Filmmaker Chad Sogas employs an efficient, sophisticated edit, tied with seamless overlaps of voices from his own life, to present to you a personal account of his battles with mental illness. However, without making it didactic, overbearing or mawkish, all traps a pursuit of this kind can very easily fall into, he offers an uplifting story of hope, recovery and healing. Especially relevant in a world where the pandemic has left us with ravages of a time and existence we all struggled to cope with, the film comes at a very opportune time.

One of many strengths of the film also becomes its ability to utilize a highly personal narrative in a manner that makes it extremely relatable and inclusive for the audience. Whether your struggles are of a similar nature or not as the protagonist, its enduring and indomitable sense of hope and acceptance will ensure that 'Rat Tail' works wonderfully on multiple levels. From storytelling to approach to narratorial progression, the film offers sophistication and smoothness in all departments, along with having its heart in the right place. After all, what is good art and storytelling, if not simply a reminder, fleeting as it might be, that perhaps we are all in this together?
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