Prisoner #1616  | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month January 2023

Prisoner #1616

By Michael Fodera with 7.3

sci fi · Short Films · english

It is a regular day for Rudy, an incarcerated felon in a high-security prison, who is behind bars serving a life sentence for brutal crimes against women. Without dwelling on the details, and simply working with suggestions instead, which do more than an adequate job of constructing the narrative, 'Prisoner #1616' presents itself to you.

A researcher, Monica, has come to the prison to interact with Rudy, and confirm a theory she has been working on regarding human DNA. The dance of the power dynamics between the two characters, as they blur lines between the protagonist and the antagonist, is truly a joy to watch.

The conversation that unfolds ensures the viewer’s attention is glued to the screen throughout, lest they miss even the slightest detail. DNA and music, a song, memories, and the past, science and reincarnation, all of them are invoked to conjure the world of the film, and what a world it is. Marked by smooth performances, neat visuals and a gripping storyline, the film refuses to let even a single moment slip, building tension and taking the viewer as well as the characters down a path of no return.
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