Pizza For Carter  | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month October 2022

Pizza For Carter

By Josh Yellin-flaherty with 7.1

comedy · Short Films · english

The night is set for Carter’s second date when things begin to devolve into absolute chaos. As he prepares for her arrival, the doorbell announces a very different and unexpected guest - a hallucination. This hallucination of Carter's date is soon joined by his friends, an ex lover and even the neighborhood homeless guy.

The film does not miss a single beat in developing action and maintaining the fast, seamless flowing movement of all the events. While our protagonist finds himself at the heart of a situation spiralling clearly and completely out of his control, the viewer is allowed to share his anxiety. Supported notably by all of the characters, the film further maintains a colorful, engaging progression of the narrative.

‘Pizza for Carter’ is relatable because who are we lying to when we say we haven’t carried the burden of half a dozen people, and their expectations, when going for an important rendezvous, romantic or otherwise? The film simply takes a step further to paint a very literal version of this reality. It is endearing, and presents a lovely union of humor and tension that is sure to keep you with it right till the very end.
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