Phriend | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 31, 2022


By Kevin Tosi with 6.6

drama · Short Films · english

‘Phriend’ is an endearing story about isolation, loneliness and the eventual, unexpected path on which one finally finds a friend. With only his camera as a constant, the protagonist moves from one silent corner of his life to another, looking for companionship, but only meeting rejection at every turn.

The visuals of the film are marked by a corresponding silence in its muted pastels and neutrals. The approach remains consistent across the different elements of the storytelling. At the end of it all awaits a lovely message about friendship, hesitation and the desire to connect with one another despite obstacles, internal or external, that stand in one’s path.

Consequently, when the conclusion is achieved, the film leaves you with a sweet warmth in the pit of your stomach. The result is an honest endeavour that offers a glimpse into a visual and emotional approach. It is a welcome prospect to see more of it in subsequent projects.
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