Personal Pizza | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 11, 2023

Personal Pizza

By Robert Samuel Mcmahon with 6.7

romance · Short Films · english

The film has a singularity of tone that becomes its most defining characteristic. One night while delivering a pizza, Rylee ends up at Jesse’s doorstep, her former boyfriend who has moved houses since the end of their relationship. If this was not uncomfortable enough, her car gets broken into, with her wallet and crucial items stolen.

As Jesse and Rylee come together to go on a wild goose chase based on evidence they have gathered from the site of theft, the film not only presents a story of suspense but also a personal emotional journey the two undertake vis-a-vis their relationship. While there is chemistry and suggestion of romance in the narrative, there is also intrigue and adventure.

Not all aspects of the film take themselves too seriously, and that seems to be a deliberate choice within the realm of the detective story. The end result, albeit not without a few snags in terms of production, presents a completed trajectory of the two characters, and how the chaos around them ensures this completion.
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