Over Early | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 20, 2023

Over Early

By Matthew Brennan with 7.2

romance · Short Films · english

The film works wonderfully in its brevity, as well as the intimacy it portrays on screen. It closely controls its resources of the physical space, bringing us tight, intimate shots of the sole two characters, in a manner that remains effortless and seamless throughout.

At the heart of the narrative is an integral question, one that perhaps came a little too early in the relationship. Now the answer hangs in the balance in a way that would determine the fate of the two lovers before us. It is loaded with expectation, hope, and uncertainty.

When the answer arrives, it is not ideal, and yet, the nature of the relationship still remains defined by intimacy and affection. This allows the storytelling to be straightforward and simple, and yet, be meaningful and heartfelt. The performances play a very crucial role in bolstering this endeavor, eventually sharing a vulnerable, earnest story of two people who may have their differences, but are also ready to tackle them as one.
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