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Our Kind of Love | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 24, 2021

Our Kind of Love

By Azana Films with 7.5

romance · Short Films

The short film, devoid of any extravagance, is a poignant, subtle and nuanced exploration of a distinct kind of unease; one of a first date between an immigrant Afghan woman and a second generation Afghan man, meeting each other for an arranged marriage.

Though awkward and marked by long pauses at the start, the conversation soon begins to pick momentum between Samira and Harun. However, a seemingly obtrusive trilling of the latter's phone breaks them out of their shared moment, perhaps suggesting the stark differences of their lived realities despite the overlaps that exist.

As longing for a homeland that has been left behind comes to predominate the narrative, there is also a reminder for the viewer that the two characters are struggling to come to terms with the situation they have found themselves in. The film wonderfully explores an interaction with a new culture, an act often fraught with tension and anxiety. A quiet celebration of identity, it is also a moving delineation of two strangers who, while grappling with alien territory, also try to find some form of comfort and solace in each other.
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