Old Haunt | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 24, 2024

Old Haunt

By Andre Hyland with 7

horror · Short Films · english

The film weaves a narrative of mystery and horror without taking refuge in the regular elements of darkness or shrill background scores. It takes its time building up to finally achieve a well-formed crescendo and climax.

A writer finds himself at an Airbnb which has recently witnessed the death of the owner of the property. Consequently, it is now available for an unusually low rent. The protagonist is quick to make use of this opportunity, and moves in for a temporary stay as he struggles to finish a writing project.

However, soon things take an unexpected turn as he finds a stranger lurking around the house and his surroundings. Throughout its duration, the film leads the viewer in a specific direction with its breadcrumb-trail. Will you find yourself going down the correct path or will you be surprised by the twist that awaits you at the conclusion of the film?
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