Nightmares | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 25, 2021


By Deb Ethier with 6.2

surreal · Short Films · english

A realm of monochromatic animation takes us into the world of this short narrative, attempting to bring to life a reality that mingles fact and fiction. A shadowed figure chases another. The horrified eyes of the latter suggests there is little by way of escape available for him.

While one pursues the other, the entirety of the narrative comes into being, finally concluding in a floating bedroom amidst an endless galaxy. The bare walls are adorned with a single poster that reads 'surrealism', as the protagonist sleeps by himself, clearly plagued by nightmares.

As the title suggests, the visual narrative wants to be an engagement with the numerous complexities of the human mind, and the staggeringly powerful form they can take during sleep. It would, however, be desirable to see the micro-short in the form of a longer project, allowing sufficient time for the thematic concerns to establish a beginning, middle and end.
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