Navi Boys  | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month February 2023

Navi Boys

By Mike Mildon with 7.3

comedy · Short Films · english

‘Navi Boys’ is a beautiful, and efficient, utilization of resources, performances and writing to portray a single moment, a conflict, and the confrontation, struggle and the eventual resolution that constitute it. Mike and Elon present to us a day in their lives where they conduct a podcast, the eponymous Avatar-fan podcast, that leaves no stone unturned in committing to the authenticity of the said universe.

With absolute dedication to the fandom, makeup and linguistic requirements, the two friends share their love for the film, and its sequel, with their listeners. However, Elon has an important announcement to make as well on this particular day, one that would leave the future of the podcast, and in many ways, of the relationship that he shares with Mike, deeply uncertain.

The true triumph of the film lies in the manner in which the myriad elements are united into a seamless whole. Drama, intimacy, and humor become part of the entire spectrum of emotions delineated within the narrative. From hurt, disappointment, a sense of betrayal, to acceptance, forgiveness, and of course, friendship - all of these are engaged with remarkably, taking the film home with ease and sincerity.
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