Nano | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 27, 2020


By Mike Manning with 7.5

sci fi · Short Films · english

Nano puts together a narrative that oozes with swanky graphics, technical prowess and a storytelling befitting a top-drawer sci-fi flick to the extent of leaving you surprised when it ends at a mere sixteen minutes. Now this isn't a shortcoming, but a strength suggesting how the film has a premise and subject worthy of a longer project. The story is set in a futuristic society where nanotechnology has advanced far enough to be able to control a being's, humans or their pets, genetic makeup. While it may be all fun and games to alter your hair or eye colour at will, there indeed lies a much darker reality underneath it all.

Though the government may be set to roll out an update that can potentially render all free will useless (surprise, surprise), there is a group of ethical hackers trying to fight against it, to ensure that human agency and individuality does not come under attack from technological developments. The film's attention to detail to the technology it discusses is worthy of mention, especially if you enjoy science fiction for its spectacular visuals, finesse of all the gadgets it brings to life and the manner in which the characters interact with it all.

The film packs a complete punch of thrill, suspense, action, stolen identities and valiant sacrifices. It is involving, engaging and invokes the age-old idea of technological advancement posing a huge threat to mankind. The question the film would leave you with is that amidst the differing views strewn across the spectrum of the debate, where would you find yourself located?
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