Mr Wong's Lullaby | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 21, 2022

Mr Wong's Lullaby

By Clare Langford with 6.7

drama · Short Films

The film is a quiet, sweet glimpse into the life of Norah and her father Horace who battles dementia. With everything that the condition entails, Norah’s life is far from simple, strewn with obstacles and complications at every step. However, despite the tribulations, she still has help available in the form of a kind neighbor, Mr Wong, who steps in during a especially difficult day.

The story develops to bring to life attempts at humor, and an uplifting and endearing sense of hope. While the viewer is also allowed a glimpse into the life of someone who takes care of an unwell, elderly parent, there is further a comment about kindness and how crucial a single, selfless act can be to someone’s life.

At the heart of 'Mr Wong’s Lullaby' rest all of these ideas, and a sincere desire to share them with the viewer. Consequently, the film leaves one with the reminder of hard times simply being part of the path to something welcome and comforting, and it is for this underlying message that the film should be appreciated.
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