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Short Film of the Day June 10, 2020


By Tim Wilkime with 7

comedy · Short Films · english

The film starts off at a high octane and manages to maintain the same energy throughout. The opening visual of a couple disagreeing over a parking spot sets the tone for the rest of this hilarious short film which maps the misadventures of a man trying hard to make a good first impression on his girlfriend's family. As they all collect around the deathbed of her grandfather, incidentally also the moment she has chosen for the first collision of two such different aspects of her social life, of course the stage is set for all kinds of foot-in-the-mouth moments and cringeworthy awkwardness.

While there are situations which might seem predictable, overall the film packs enough surprising punches to make up for the former. The story is structured in a manner to make the most of its characters and their equations with each other. It is further confined to a limited physical space, but an aspect which becomes its strength instead of a challenge. Almost the entirety of the action plays out inside the same room, complete with the various highs and lows of this emotional, but never-not-humorous ride.

The boyfriend, Jason, continues to walk into one disaster after another. Additionally, the anxieties that the moment of a loved one's imminent death is already infused with, finally surface, and just when the viewer expects the narrative to work in the protagonist's favour, the crux arrives. Amidst all of this, what would be the impression Jason leaves on the family in question?
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