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Mickey Hardaway | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 18, 2021

Mickey Hardaway

By Marcellus Cox with 6.4

drama · Short Films

The film is a sincere endeavour to understand the cause and effect of violence, especially when it takes place in spaces we otherwise consider safe. Violence meted out in a familial territory by a father to his son, and bullying that takes place in a high school are the two threads the narrative picks up to weave a story of a school boy.

At the cusp of adulthood and all the decisions it entails at the age of eighteen, he is about to be met by crucial choices. It would be by employing these that the film will allow a glimpse into its own internal reflections.

It is interesting to note that the brutal father is not the only adult voice we are met with in the film. It is further supplemented with two more kind, rational and helpful adults who would eventually lead the protagonist to understand his situation better, and to perhaps even allow his dreams to be an artist, spread their wings for a flight. Additionally, there is an attempt to understand the origins of physical abuse, and thus, the possibility to work towards a solution of ending it, rather than simply presenting the viewer with the occurence of the problem.
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