Mayonnaise | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 23, 2023


By Eli Speigel with 7.2

dark comedy · Short Films · english

When a disillusioned, overworked production assistant finds himself in the most unlikely situation one day, a story belonging to the realm of the absurd begins to unfold. ‘Mayonnaise’ presents a world which starts off as being extremely authentic to the space of a film set, more specifically, a food commercial, but soon devolves into a ride the viewer has just not seen coming.

Once again, filmmaker Eli Spiegel’s (‘Stain’) voice and tonality dominates, presenting Sam’s bleak perspective regarding his career prospects, and his turning to Sarah, a young but seemingly successful producer on the commercial, in an impatient bid to figure out some sort of a career trajectory for himself.

The first and the second half of the film, however, come across as disparate parts, unable to present a lucid link that ties them cohesively. Though the approach of the film is unique in its absurdity, it might leave some viewers wanting for a better cause and effect equation within the narrative. Either way, the end result remains deeply entertaining, brought to life with finesse as well as commendable performances and effortless chemistry between the actors.
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