Liberty | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day June 4, 2024


By Faren Humes with 7.3

drama · Short Films · english

Using dialogues as a precious commodity, the film invokes a powerful narrative about a sense of loss and parting. As Alex' relocation to another community in Miami begins, Loggy, her best friend, finds it difficult to cope with the change. The palpability of her anger and grief is achieved expertly by the narrative. This is owed majorly to the positioning, structuring and weaving together of the few, but significant events in the story.

From doing each other's hair to building a little memorial to mark the move, Liberty employs subtle tools to portray the grief of its characters. The story in itself is told in a simple and direct manner, and it is in this that the success of the film lies. It does not take refuge in grand gestures or gaudy techniques to convey what it had set out to at the start.

With strong performances and convincing chemistry, the film makes full use of its cast. The camerawork ensures that the viewer is entirely engrossed in their story and the writing keeps the pace just right. Consequently, owing to the wholesomeness of all of these elements, the gravity of the movie is successfully communicated to the viewer, now an equal participant in the loss of the protagonist.
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