Kitbull | Pixar | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 13, 2023


By Rosana Sullivan with 7.5

drama · Short Films

This 2D, hand-drawn animation by Pixar is a wonderful union of two very disparate characters and how they finally find a common ground for companionship. The film is an exploration of instinctive distrust we often inculcate within ourselves without realising it. This is coupled with an engagement with vulnerability as well as unexpected friendships. Along with it all, the film also gives a glimpse into animal abuse, while effortlessly busting myths about pit bulls being dangerously aggressive.

The story is of a kitten and a pit bull, the former extremely apprehensive of the latter in the face of all his attempts for them to be friends. It is finally an act of kindness that brings them together and thus begins a deeply endearing tale of the two overcoming the obstacles in their respective paths.

There is fearlessness and trust that the characters find in themselves, aided by each other in the most heartwarming ways. And it is in overcoming these internal hurdles that their true victory lies, suggests the narrative with its conclusion.
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